BWet Swimwear

BWET didn't start with a bunch of people meeting in a boardroom to talk about swimwear. It began with two designers from New York and Spain hanging out and drinking sangria on a beach towel off the coast of Barcelona. When they started talking about how boring and similar all the swimwear looked both here and back home on the urban beaches of New York and Santa Monica, two other guys sitting nearby from Rio and Hong Kong overheard and couldn't help but agree with them. After years of experience working in the world of swimwear, they'd noticed firsthand how urban beaches were filled with people wearing the same exact boring swimwear all around the world as if they had no other option.


And after a year spent exchanging and swapping ideas, creating inspired designs, and producing dozens of prototypes in both New York and in Barcelona, the Urban Style Swimwear line is finally a reality. And while their production headquarters is currently in Spain to ensure BWET’s standard of high quality swimwear, as the demand for their swimwear grows, so does BWET’s desire to spread their vision of stylish, unique, high quality swimwear bycreating new headquarters around the world, so to make their product, and their message, accessible to anyone. Because people deserve swimwear that lets them “BNoticed,” “BVisible,” “BComfortable,” “BIndependent,” and no brand of swimwear manages that quite like BWET.

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