Swim at Your Own Risk: What to Wear to the Beach.

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Swim at Your Own Risk: What to Wear to the Beach.

Memorial Day is approaching, and with that comes the unofficial start to Summer! Long days spent outside around the pool or at the beach, bring with it a whole new set of wardrobe questions. Here are some tips to looking your best but also feeling comfortable in the heat.


Anytime you're out in the sun, even if it's just walking to work, you should put on sunscreen. Especially on your face. Get some sunscreen lotion to both moisturize and protect your face from the harmful rays of the Sun. If you're anything like me, and sweat even when the word "heat" is mentioned, get the Neutrogena Sport Sunscreen Lotion, its water resistant and oil-free, so it's perfect for protecting your face without making you look like a new born baby.

For the rest of your body, I'd go with a sports spray with SPF 50 or above (I never use anything less than 70 because I'm pale af). However, the SPF is totally dependent on your skin tone and your ability to tan versus burn. You won't want to look 10 years older than you really are, so protect your skin from the Sun so you keep that youthful appearance! 

2. A Hat

Again, something to help fight the damaging UV rays. A hat can do wonders when in the sun. Plus, you don't have to fix your hair when wearing one (win!). Check out some great hat options here.

3. Shirt(s)

Now, shirts will come into play when your heading to the best watering hole, or when you're eating one of those delicious turkey sandwiches with the Doritos on them that just hit differently after a long pool day. Get you one of those short sleeve button downs to go over a tank top. It'll look good, and it's easy to take on and off when you don't need it. 

Clay Short Sleeve Button Down

Speaking of tank tops, show off the guns with the best tanks out there. It's hard to look bad in a tank. They're designed to highlight your arms, shoulders, and upper chest. Do a couple of push ups before you head out, and everyone will be checking you out!

Nathan Tank Top

4. Swimwear

Nowadays, you have many options for the best swim trunks to wear. But wear the wrong thing and you'll never want to swim around people again.

One of the biggest ways to ruin your beach day look is the length of your shorts. Unless you're at a beach in Europe, or just really confident in yourself (more power to ya), then I would leave the Speedo at home. You want your shorts to be about mid thigh. Too long and it'll make your legs look short, and too short... let's just say you might have a wardrobe malfunction that might not impress anyone. With the shorts hitting at the mid thigh, you can make your legs look more muscular by highlighting your quads.

As far as prints and colors go, solid colors are always a nice classic look. Prints are a great way to add some personality. Check out some great swimwear here. 

It's going to be a hot Summer, enjoy it with friends and family! Look great, feel even better, and do good!



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