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I don't mean to scare you, but we have exactly two weeks left until Halloween. If you're like me, you put off getting a costume until the very last second. I also hate spending money on cheap costumes that don't fit right, and I never really get to use them again. But don't fear, I am about to give you some tips on how you can use what you may already have in your closet or at least show you what you can buy to put together a killer costume, and still get to wear the pieces after October 31st.

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Superheros, The Rolling Stones, 90s cartoons, a random celebrity, what do all of these have in common? They have all graced the front of a t-shirt on someone walking down the street. Graphic tees have been a closet staple for many years now, and they aren't going anywhere.  I love a good graphic t-shirt, they can go with just about anything, and can change up the entire look and feel of an outfit. You can throw it on with a pair of jeans, use it as a base layer under a jacket or cardigan, or get a little fancy and...

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