Pants On Fire.

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Pants On Fire.

Okay guys, this week I'm moving down to below the waist for this post.
We all wear them, we all need them, now lets talk about how to make them work for you.
You know the saying, "we all put our pants on one leg at a time." Although, I have tried to step into both leg holes and pull my pants up that way (my head is still sensitive from hitting it on the wall from falling over). Now what do we do after we put them on? 
Pants of any kind; slacks, khakis, jeans, chinos, sweat pants, should fit just right. They shouldn't fit too loose or baggy, neither should they be so tight that they look like a second skin. Don't be afraid to try on a few different sizes at the store until you have the right fit. Bring someone with you that will be honest about how you look in them. They also shouldn't bunch up at the bottom. 
Pants that are too long for you will immediately bring your outfit/look down like 20 notches. You'll look like you don't care about how you look. Like you're okay with being unkempt. So if you're like me and the waist size will fit right, but the length doesn't, find a good tailor. Getting your pants tailored will make a huge impact on the way you look in your pants. Don't just get your slacks tailored, get your jeans and khakis done as well. You'd be surprised how much it'll raise your style game, and will make a cheap pair of pants look and feel priceless! 
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