You want to talk about sweaters?!

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You want to talk about sweaters?!

I know, that's a bad White Chicks reference, but I didn't want to use "Sweata Weatha..." again...
I love sweaters! They're versatile, looks great with anything, and not to mention comfortable!
As the weather is beginning to get cooler, and holiday parties start taking up your Thursday nights, you'll need something to get you through the holiday small talk and cold nights. Sweaters can be worn in a myriad of styles; v-neck, crew neck, turtle neck, shawl neck, or a Henley sweater (I know, you're disappointed that there isn't a 5th neck type). 
Sweaters easily go with any of the other Fall and Winter staples. They can worn to the office over your shirt and tie, or even with a sports coat. However, if you layer up, I recommend going with a cashmere or knit sweater to keep the thickness to a minimum. If you do pair the sweater up with a tie and button down, go with a v-neck, it'll show off your tie just enough to let that pop of color through.
If you wear a sweater by itself (how I usually wear mine) I'd go with a cable knit or pattern sweater to let the sweater be the statement piece in an outfit. Going monochromatic is another great option and trend for this season. Pair a tan sweater with a camel coat and khaki pants to be a stand out in the crowd.
The key to pulling off a sweater is to be comfortable and confident in it. Don't buy one that's too baggy, nor one that is too tight; you'll either look frumpy or like a Christmas ham.
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