Holiday Parties, and How to Dress for Them.

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Holiday Parties, and How to Dress for Them.

It's the most wonderful time of the year for holiday parties! *sarcastic woohoo*
During the next few weeks, you'll have to make small talk with that coworker you don't really like, or that family member that you see once a year. You'll have to find an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to all 18 "Ugliest Sweater" parties. However, even if you have to wear that sweater, or you want to dress to impress, I've got you covered on what to wear, how to wear it, and how to make the parties go by as smoothly as possible.
The Ugly Christmas Sweater
Let's just get this one out of the way... This trend for holiday parties has really picked up over the last few years. And in my opinion is a little over done. I'd much rather go to a holiday costume party (Hello, full body Grinch costume!). But there are ways to have an ugly sweater and still look good. Whether it's a Jesus' birthday sweater, childhood cartoon character in a Santa's hat print sweater, or a Pinterest homemade sweater, you can still rock it with style.
Pair it with some maroon chinos, or khakis. You can also wear it with a nice sports coat to a fancier party. Make sure you wear an under shirt of some kind, just in case the party gets a little too wild and you begin to overheat, that way you have the option to ditch the sweater through the night.
The Office Party
This is the party that could make or break your holiday season. There's most likely free food and alcohol, and lots of nerves (which is never a good combination). You don't want to go too crazy at this one. You boss and coworkers are all there and won't forget if you do something embarrassing there.
You should also look your best at this party. Even though you see these people everyday, you want to show them that you clean up nicely. Rock the holiday tie, the fun pocket square, and maybe even a really cool lapel pin. The devil is in the details when it comes to this party. You can be that fun guy that rocks a full on holiday suit, but usually that's a little much, and sometimes obnoxious (I would save it for the friend's Christmas party later on). However, fashion is about self expression, so self express to your hearts desire.
The Family Gathering
Depending on what type of family gathering it is, you can have fun with this one. If it's your regular family you see for every holiday, go in something comfortable. Jeans or khakis and a cable knit sweater or flannel shirt. 
If you're meeting your partner's family for the first time, you may want to dress up just a little bit more. So their grandma can pitch your cheeks and say how handsome you are. I'd go with a cable knit sweater and slacks. You can also do a v-neck sweater under a sports coat, or over an oxford button down. The key is to be subtle but have a little pop of your personality shine through your outfit.
No matter how many holiday parties you have to go to, or the numerous white elephant gifts you have to buy, you'll be the talk of the party when you put a little effort in your style. Don't be afraid to add a little flare, such as a pocket square or bow tie to your outfit, it'll be sure to impress.
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