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We're only a few days away from a new year, and with that comes the new year resolutions that we never stick to. For as long as 2018 has been (yeah, we actually had a Winter Olympics this year), it's time to get ready for 2019. I can't help with every new year resolution, however, if one thing you want to do in 2019 is to up your style game, keep on reading for some essentials you'll need in your closet to look your best next year.

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The clock is ticking down on another year. It's time too get your outfits together to watch the ball drop. It's the only outfit you wear from one year into another, so it may be an important one. Or it's the outfit you trust most to protect you from a rogue sparkler. However you view the clothes you wear to the New Year's Eve party, you want to look good and feel comfortable in them. Here are some tips on the best ways to do just that.

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Ah, one of my favorite accessories, pocket squares! They've really come back around in fashion to where there's thousands of different designs and patterns to choose from other than the OG plain white handkerchief. They bring a new dimension to a suit, and can set you apart in any setting when you wear one. Plus, there are many different ways to fold and shape them depending on your mood for the occasion. Here's your guide to pocket squares!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year for holiday parties! *sarcastic woohoo*
During the next few weeks, you'll have to make small talk with that coworker you don't really like, or that family member that you see once a year. You'll have to find an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to all 18 "Ugliest Sweater" parties. However, even if you have to wear that sweater, or you want to dress to impress, I've got you covered on what to wear, how to wear it, and how to make the parties go by as smoothly as possible.

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Okay guys, this week I'm moving down to below the waist for this post.


We all wear them, we all need them, now lets talk about how to make them work for you.

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